Safety in Ecotrust

ECOTRUST FOR TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS achieves excellence in health, safety and environmental performance through the support and active participation of all its’ employees and other on-behave personnel. Management dedicates to provide a safe and healthy work place through active leadership and support of occupational health, safety, fire prevention and security programs while paying due regarding the protection of the environment and all applicable legislation.

ECOTRUST’s Employees and others engaged on behalf of ECOTRUST shall safeguard their health while performing their function in a manner that protects themselves, their fellow workers, the environment, the general public, and the physical assets of the company. ECOTRUST has established a high standard that must be met for each of the core program requirements of the Health, Safety and Environment Management System. ECOTRUST’s current Health, Safety, and Environment Management System is an integral part of our daily operating philosophy. ECOTRUST is in compliance with the regulatory requirements. All new ECOTRUST facilities will implement and maintain our Health and Safety Management Systems as per our core program requirements. ECOTRUST FOR TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS follows all relevant:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Acts, Regulations and Codes.
  • Employment Standards Codes.
  • Workers Compensation.
  • Environmental Protection Act.
  • Employment Insurance.

ECOTRUST has a Health, Safety and Environmental Policy. This policy dictates the fundamental principles and core program requirements that ECOTRUST management and employees must adhere to.

We are committed to excellence in health, safety and environmental protection performance. The objective is to complete all work with “zero incidents” of any kind. This means:

  • Zero injuries to workers.
  • Zero Harm to the environment.
  • Zero damage to equipment.
  • Zero quality defects (working together, communication, quality execution of duties).

ECOTRUST believes that all “accidents” and loss producing incidents are preventable through effective management strategies that promote Health, Safety and Environmental objectives in our planning and execution of all work performed.

All personnel participate in identifying, correcting and preventing unsafe acts and conditions that are the underlying root causes of incidents and accidents.

ECOTRUST spreads ownership for the effectiveness of the HS and E program to all participants by motivating workers to perform all work in a safe and effective manner.


  • Maintain 100% compliance with all safe work practices and procedures.
  • Ensure that workers are properly trained so that they are competent to perform the tasks assigned and recognize before the fact “at risk behaviors”.

ECOTRUST FOR TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS endeavors to maintain a safe and productive work environment for all of our employees, clients and contractors.  We have compiled company policies and a safety program complete with the rules, regulations, procedures and forms necessary to implement safe and acceptable practices. All policies are designed and intended to promote and ensure fairness, equality and effective communication amongst employees who are conducting business on behalf of the company.