Quality Control

EcoTrust for Technology Solutions delivers many services for material testing and quality control solutions such as:

  • Laboratory Design on GLP Principles
  • Laboratory Management Systems and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)
  • Testing Methods Instrumentation
  • Calibrations, Standardizations, Validation of Nonstandard Measuring Methods
  • Material Testing

If you search for updating your analytical chemistry, testing materials, material’s standards and quality control knowledge or developing your quality control performance skills you can download our Training Directory and follow our Training Program


  • Establishment of Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Sampling Techniques.
  • Mining and Industrial Laboratories Design According Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).
  • Qualification for Laboratory Management System According ISO/IEC 17025.
  • Testing Methods’ Instrumentation.


  • Material Testing in the fields of mining and industry according the technical area scope.
  • Measuring of testing process include gages, devices and instruments capability, Accuracy, precision, uncertainty, repeatability & reproducibility (R&R).


  • Calibrations & verifications, Standardizations and Validation of Nonstandard Measuring Methods.


  • EcoTrust has experience and Human Resource capacity to partially or completely provide the outsourcing agreement for customer, to manage or supervise his material testing and instruments/ devices calibrations in mining or industry according technical area scope.


  • Formula:
  • TOOL KITS: According ASTM or ISO Standards; Computerized Instruments for
    • Carbon Air Reactivity Study.
    • Carbon Electrical Resistivity testing.
    • Carbon Carbon-Monoxide Index (CRI / CSR) Study.