Pharma & Food Industries

  • Processing, Enrichment, Treatment, and Centering of Metals Ores such as Cooper, Zinc, Manganese, Lead, Iron & Mineral Ores such as
  • Feldspar, Quartz, Phosphate, Bentonite, Ferro-Oxides and Manganese Ores.
  • Manufacturing of Fertilizers and Soil Enhancers such as Phosphate, Azote and Humic Acid Salts.
  • Manufacturing of Silicon Metallurgical Grade.
  • Manufacturing of Special Nano-Supported Lubricants.
  • Bleaching in Textile and Paper Industry.
  • Alloys and Metals Refining.
  • Light Metals Extraction such as Aluminum and Titanium.
  • Nano and Fuming Paints Manufacturing.
  • Ethanol Manufacturing.
  • Chemicals emissions and water-release control.
  • Waste Safe Disposal and Recycling Mechanisms.
  • Design Plans and/ or Proceed On-Line Testing for process.
  • Design of Chemical Laboratory include water and environmental Testing.