EcoTrust adopts prevention principals as policy for Mining & Industry solution works, so we prefer to deliver our customers the integrated solutions for process design, process validation, processes integration, factory layouts, and out-sources’ operation in:

  • Mining & Metallurgy Solutions.
  • Pharmaceutical & Food Processing (GMP).
  • Chemical Products & Production Development.
  • Industrial Automation & Control.
  • Technology Transfer Solutions.
  • Decontamination Solutions.
  • Water Technology Solutions.
  • Drinking Water Treatment.
  • Drainage Liquid Treatments.

If you search for updating your industrial or mining knowledge or developing your industrial or mining performance skills you can download our Training Directory and follow our Training Program.

  • Geological Exploration.
  • Open-Pit and Underground Mines Design and Operation Planning.
  • Ore Dressing and Precious Metals Recovery and Refinery.
  • HVAC Design and Validations.
  • GMP Infrastructure, Machinery, Piping and Wiring Diagrams’ Design.
  • Plants and Factories Layouts.
  • Industrial and Mining Processes Integration.
  • Statistical Process Control Systems’ Design and Implementations.


  • Assessment of factories and industrial processes to report its capability to achieve the intended outcome and its productivity.


  • EcoTrust qualify the design, installation, operation and performance of industrial process to report its validity for the intended outcome.
  • Ecotrust has experience and Human Resource capacity to partially or completely provide the outsourcing agreement for customer, to operate his process in mining or industry according technical area scope.
    • Green Mining Automation