About Ecotrust

ECOTRUST FOR TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS is the global leader in innovative technological solutions in industry, mining, environment and management. Founded in 2004, ECOTRUST FOR TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS is a global, integrated service provider. We offer access to a comprehensive range of technical capabilities. Our professionals have the knowledge and experience to provide full support, operational strength and troubleshoot any problem our clients’ face, this is illustrated daily in our facilities and through our representatives all over the world. ECOTRUST FOR TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS has an ethical compliance program, based on our Code of Integrity and Professional Conduct, to ensure the highest standards of integrity are applied to all our activities worldwide, in accordance with international best practice.

Integrity is the core of ECOTRUST FOR TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS; it is the common thread of all our innovative activities. The purpose of our integrity code is to lay down rules of behavior and provide guidance in our day-to-day business. These rules apply to all employees of ECOTRUST FOR TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS. Our joint venture partners, agents, intermediaries, consultants and subcontractors are also required to comply with them. It is the responsibility of all employees, regardless of level in our organization, to live by this code.

The core activities of ECOTRUST FOR TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS include solutions, consultancy for process design & improvement, assessment and validation services to diverse of mining, environment conservation and industries such as precious & rare-earth metals recovery & refinery, Carbon industries, pharmaceutical & food, petroleum, quality control & material testing and organization management, as well as to governmental, State and international institutions. These services help to ensure intended outcome compliance and ensure the improvement through efficiency and efficacy of processes towards achievement of business' objectives and sustainability, the safety and reliability of plant and equipment. ECOTRUST FOR TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS has built its international reputation on a commitment to quality.